Pro Shoppe

Bow Tune Up

Standard Bow Tune

Setting Brace Height, Check Axle to Axle, Fix Cam lean, fix cam timing and sync, and paper tune.

Full Tune Up

Includes Standard Bow tune plus: Disassembly and Reassembly of the bow. Cleaning and re-greasing of all limbs, cams, limb pockets, bolts and axles. Cleaning and waxing all of the strings and cables.

New Bow Setup

FREE w/ new bow purchase

Walk-ins Welcome

Bow tune up and proper fitting of bow. (Customer is responsible for parts to change draw length)


Discounted Installation for all in-store purchased Accessories

Walk-ins Welcome

Arrow Rest Installation

String and Cable Installation

Arrow Fletching

Re-fletch Bare Shafts(Discount for in-store purchase)

Stripping, Prepping and Re-fletching


We can print sight tapes for you


Serve in Peep Sight

New String Loop

Served String Loop